Chocolate shouldn't just taste good, it should DO good!

We pay more to ensure farmers get fair prices!
At Supernature, we take great care in selecting our ingredients to ensure they are of the highest quality and that they are bought at a fair price for everyone involved... and sometimes that means paying a little more.
But it is most definitely worth it! We pay a higher price for our 'UTZ-certified' cacao ingredients so we can be happy knowing the farmers involved are getting a fair price for their produce.
Who are UTZ?
UTZ spearheaded a new certification and traceability system for sustainable cacao, which involves following a number of social and environmental policies with regard to sustainable growing practices and efficient farm management. 
Why is this needed?
Alongside unfair payment for farmers, the chocolate sector is riddled with numerous other issues such as child labour and deforestation. What's more, a current cacao crisis has seen an oversupply in crop which drives down prices. The response to such issues was simply to reduce farmer pay by 18.5% which we simply cannot believe given that many of these workers are earning LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR A DAY as it is. 
Hence, we at Supernature take pride in buying UTZ-certified cacao. We can enjoy its wonderful taste knowing that it was bought at a fair and sustainable price.
^See one of our founders Brendan, visiting the collectives we work with in Indonesia.