Kindness, Covered in Chocolate

Ready to supercharge your snack game? ⚡️ Our snacks won’t make you run faster. They won’t make you more popular. And they won’t substitute a good meal. Instead, they’ll just put a smile on your face when looking for a delicious snack that’s healthy too. That’s all.

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Born out of a simple passion for making her own natural treats for her free-from daughter, Noele set out to make delicious chocolate snacks with just a few natural ingredients, and the results surprised everyone.

Our Story
  • Simple Goodness

    Every one of our tasty products is made using only 4 or 5 organic and easy-to-understand ingredients. That’s all.

  • Available to all

    We’re vegan friendly, gluten free, dairy free and refined-sugar free and you won’t find any hidden sneaky processing aids, oils or emulsifiers.

  • Made with love

    Born out of a desire to provide natural treats for a dairy, gluten and processed sugar free daughter, our family values remain the core of what we do.

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Nature That's All

As we use only natural ingredients, we make our own chocolate (which in itself is unusual these days) using cacao butter, coconut sugar and cacao powder. In order to deliver on our promise of “nature, that’s all” our ingredients are organic and we do not use processed sugars, dairy, emulsifiers, oils, flavourings, preservatives or processing aids. 

We pour supernature chocolate over deep roasted organic peanuts, hazelnuts and raisins. By the way, we use a special batch of raisins so you get just raisins (without the added oil). It takes Simon a little longer to separate them but we think it’s worth it. Thanks Simon!

We work with farmers from all over the world including collectives in Indonesia and 4th generation growers in California. 

What you get is award winning healthier, tastier versions of the chocolate snacks everybody loves and made from nature, that’s all.