Introducing Supernature

Delicious snacks made from just a few ingredients. They won’t make you run faster. They won’t make you more popular. And they won’t substitute a good meal.

They’ll just put a smile on your face when looking for a delicious snack that’s healthy too. That’s all.

Ingredient and bar samples

Why Supernature?

Simple Goodness

Every one of our tasty products is made using only 4 or 5 organic and easy-to-understand ingredients. That’s all.

Available to All

We’re vegan, gluten free, dairy free and refined-sugar free and you won’t find any hidden sneaky processing aids, oils or emulsifiers.

Grown in the ground, not in a lab

Each of our delicious snacks is carefully made using a tiny number of organic and simple ingredients. This allows us to ensure each is properly cultivated and carefully selected.

We work with farmers from all over the world including collectives in Indonesia and 4th generation growers in California.

We craft our own chocolate using just three ingredients, that’s all. We then use this soft, smooth chocolate to smother our hand-picked peanuts, hazelnuts and raisins.

What you get is a healthier, tastier version of the chocolate snacks everybody loves.

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